Too Many Options…How to help your client channel their ideas into reality


Our clients are obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest, I admit I am, too. But there are just too many options….for everything! This is when we, as event producers step in to offer an invaluable services to our clients. Our job as event producers, is to help channel the true desires of our clients and hone in on the ideas that will lead to their realized dreams.

We can look endlessly at images of organic balloon walls for photo opportunities, tumeric latte recipes and napkin accents but at what point does it stop? Unless you have endless free time and no deadlines, decisions have to be made. Vendors need to be enlisted, budgets need to be approved, and details need to be finalized. All of this searching is for an event that is coming, and the date is not going to change.

Here are three tips that we as event planners can follow:

ONE: Read your client and ask A LOT of questions. What are the most important things to them? Is there anything that they do NOT like or want to include in their event? Images inspire us, they can offer a more precise direction and also show us things we just do NOT like. Discuss the reality of what is possible within the scope of their venue and budget. Q&A will narrow down the options a lot.

TWO: Consult with your vendors. Creativity is collaborative and a great event is always the result of a partnership between the best people that you can bring together for the job. Your vendor may have another brilliant idea you’ve missed that blows all of the others away. Brainstorm not only the inspiration, but the logistics. Does this really represent the client’s impression of “hot pink haute couture”? Do you have the time and space to put up a 20′ x 40′ custom wall? Can Chef actually execute 400 servings of this dish WELL? Share photos and then have this conversation….yes, actually speak to each other. You will accomplish so much more this way.

THREE: Set deadlines to keep projects on track. Create realistic goals where you will have enough time to do research and will have enough time to plan. When decisions are made, you will have to accept and take responsibility for them. You can’t look back, just move forward and there are no regrets. Hopefully, it will be the most awe-inspiring, mouth-watering, unique option available, but also remember that you will have many opportunities in your lifetime to celebrate, rejoice and pick through endless options!

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