The Bag


We all have our versions of tablets, clipboards, binders, etc. but most of us also have some kind of “bag” we use to keep our personal essentials together during an event. I’ve used my share of cross-body bags, shoulder bags, mini backpacks and more but I’ve found my new love….the fanny pack. I’m not trying to relive my youthful fashion choices with a slouchy florescent green version, I promise. A few years ago, designers started releasing chic updates on what is a truly functional accessory and they’ve kept going. They belt or wrap around your hips allowing you to maintain hands-free, won’t weigh down your shoulders or put strain your neck and many are also convertible for other outings while you’re not working. Most designers don’t refer to them as fanny packs, (perhaps of the vintage reference) so make sure to browse for belt bags, hip bags and waist packs, and even convertible bags too.

Let’s be honest, we need something to carry a cell phone, a charger, a pen, a lipstick, and maybe even a roll of gaffers tape during an event. There is only so much you can stick in your pockets (if you even have pockets). Isn’t it a bonus to have a bag that will also compliment your ensemble?  Here are just a few that I’m currently into.

On Model Front View Belt- The Waverley - Nappa Leather - Black / Gold / Grey - Crossbody - Lo & Sons
Lo & Sons Waverly
Main Image - Tory Burch Studded Leather Belt Bag
Tory Burch Studded Leather Belt Bag
Main Image - rag & bone Large Ellis Leather Belt Bag
rag & bone large ellis leather belt bag
Fifteen Hip Pack
Hershel Supply Co. Fifteen Hip Pack

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